Canon Power winder A

The Canon Power winder A is an automatic film winder which greatly increases the rapid shooting capability and mobility of the Canon A-1, AE-1 program, AE-1, AT-1 and AV-1. This can be mounted on any of those cameras for motorized photography with no need for adjustments. When you mount the winder on the camera body and press the shutter button, the film will be immediately wound after each exposure. Furthermore , with the Power Winder A you can catch  subjects movements and changing expressions because you are able to take continuous and single frame photography at your pleasure.

Winding speed: approximately 0,5 seconds
Operation: When the shutter on the camera is pressed, the winder will function.
Shutter speed coupling range: 1/60 to 1/1000 seconds for continuous photography
"B" or 2 tp 1/10000 seconds for single frame photography. (However, if set at "B", AE photography cannot be performed)
Film counting: Performed by the frame counter on the camera
Automatic cut off circuit: When the film roll is completely wound up or if the batteries should run out, the winder automatically stops and the warning lamp (LED) will light up.
Power source: Use 4 size AA batteries. (In normal temperatures they can take more than twenty rolls of 36-exposure film.
Mounting on camera: After taking off the winder coupler cover on the bottom of the camera
Size: 141 x 42 x 34mm (5-9/16" x1-5/8" x 1-5/16")
Weight: 300 g (including batteries) (10-9/16 oz.)